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Le groupe OTCex lance HPC Investment Partners ( – 25 Mai 2015)

Download PDF Spécialiste historique des métiers de l’intermédiation sur les marchés financiers (taux d’intérêt / crédit, actions, matières premières), le Groupe OTCex se dote d’une nouvelle ligne métier. HPC Investment Partners aura pour vocation d’élaborer des produits structurés dans une logique de solutions d’investissement répondant aux besoins d’investisseurs institutionnels, banques privées ou family office. Fondées…

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OTCex Group to offer bespoke structured products through HPC IP (Institutional Asset Manager – 22 May 2015)

Download PDF OTCex Group has launched HPC Investment Partners (HPC IP) to create bespoke structured products for investment solutions that meet the specific needs of each client, whether institutional investor, private bank or family office. Based on innovative quantitative modelling and research, these solutions incorporate such features as capital guarantees, improved returns, or leverage, among…

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BN Brokers Start Structured-Products Firm in London (Bloomberg brief – 30 April 2015)

Download PDF (Bloomberg) — Two former brokers at Tradition Securities & Futures OTC SA have partnered with Paris- based OTCex SA to start a new firm selling custom structured products in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. HPC Investment Partners began offering structured notes from about 15 issuers this month to institutional investors such as asset managers and…

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